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I just picked up a 2008 TL non-navi yesterday. Have to say, I LOVE IT! This is my first Acura and I don't think it will be my last.

I've only just got 20% tint on the windows, but plan on making some more mods soon.

One of the things I want to do is install a nav system or a touchscreen attached to a Mac Mini. So far, the only walk throughs I can find are for 2004 TL's which, have a different dash then the 2008. Mainly, the HVAC display. I see on people adding nave's to 04's they just move the stock HVAC display to the top display and take out the one which just shows the time. In the 2008 TL, the HVAC display is much taller, and wouldn't fit in that top panel.

I've tried searching this form and a few others but can't find anyone adding navi to an 08 TL. I guess anyone with an 08 just bought one with navi already installed.

Any advice?


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