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Hi everyone, fabs here from "crappy-roads" montreal. This is my first post here. I just sold my volvo this week and looking for another car. I was thinking of getting an awd car (pref. an audi a4). I test drove one today (2006 a4 2.0T) and didn't run very well actually. I like the idea of an awd but think that the audi will cost me alot on repairs. On the way home we stopped at a local car lot. I spotted 2 acura tl's both 2008, one with less miles, the other had a few more but had the nav system inside. I sat in the less-miles one and i have to say i was really surprised :eek: was really nice! felt sturdy. I didn't drive it though. But wanted to know:

1. How do these cars handle in winter? we get lots of snow here. I would get a dedicated set of tire and probably steel rims ( thinner,taller tires (Nokian studs?). Does the car slide a lot? does all the stability stuff kick in and cut tire rotation?
2. Compared to an awd (ie:audi) also on snow tires...will the FWD have a fighting change?
3. Do these cars exhibit lots of torque steer on dry pavement??
4. for the skiier/ you have a hard time fitting your equipment in the trunk (i know it has a ski pass in the back seats)?
5. How is the turning radius and blindspot on this car? My volvo v70 was a nightmare on both fronts..almost had a few accidents on the blindspots, and turning radius is horrible! every turn was a min. 3 point manouver.
thanks everyone..sorry for the long post.

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From my experience:

1. They handle surprisingly pretty well during the winter!
I love my Blizzak LM-60s!
VSA will kick in many times, though, especially driving up steep driveways.

2. I think it goes without saying the AWD would do much better in snow.
3. Yes, it's a TL. FWD. Torque steer is definite.
Simple physics.
4.The TL WILL NOT hold skiis or snowboards in the trunk.
The only way to transport them is to put them in the back seats, making sure you wrap a towel around the edges so it doesn't scratch the interior.
There is no "ski pass".
Look into a roof rack.

5. Turning radius is pretty horrible on the TL.
That's one thing I always get reminded of when trying to do a U-turn, or parking.
As for blindspots, the typical A pillar. Just lean your head out and make sure.

Good questions!

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I really have nothing to add. I just wanted to say that I thought it was funny when I saw your post because on 12-08-12 I traded in a 98 Volvo V-70 and got an 07 TL.

My 07 TL does indeed have a pass through from the trunk to the passenger compartment but it's not very big, I don't know if skis or a board would fit.

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