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first post! sat in acura tl and like it! need info pls!

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Hi everyone, fabs here from "crappy-roads" montreal. This is my first post here. I just sold my volvo this week and looking for another car. I was thinking of getting an awd car (pref. an audi a4). I test drove one today (2006 a4 2.0T) and didn't run very well actually. I like the idea of an awd but think that the audi will cost me alot on repairs. On the way home we stopped at a local car lot. I spotted 2 acura tl's both 2008, one with less miles, the other had a few more but had the nav system inside. I sat in the less-miles one and i have to say i was really surprised :eek: was really nice! felt sturdy. I didn't drive it though. But wanted to know:

1. How do these cars handle in winter? we get lots of snow here. I would get a dedicated set of tire and probably steel rims ( thinner,taller tires (Nokian studs?). Does the car slide a lot? does all the stability stuff kick in and cut tire rotation?
2. Compared to an awd (ie:audi) also on snow tires...will the FWD have a fighting change?
3. Do these cars exhibit lots of torque steer on dry pavement??
4. for the skiier/ you have a hard time fitting your equipment in the trunk (i know it has a ski pass in the back seats)?
5. How is the turning radius and blindspot on this car? My volvo v70 was a nightmare on both fronts..almost had a few accidents on the blindspots, and turning radius is horrible! every turn was a min. 3 point manouver.
thanks everyone..sorry for the long post.
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I really have nothing to add. I just wanted to say that I thought it was funny when I saw your post because on 12-08-12 I traded in a 98 Volvo V-70 and got an 07 TL.

My 07 TL does indeed have a pass through from the trunk to the passenger compartment but it's not very big, I don't know if skis or a board would fit.

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