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First time at the tracks... 1/8 miles.

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Well, not much else was happening, so I met some friends at PIR to do some 1/8 miles. It was my first time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have a TLS with 18's (a little less weight than stock), H&R sports, and that's about it. It had a fresh coat of wax, too, to help it streamline through the air. :cool:
Well, it was in Portland, OR (~150 feet above sea-level, I think), temp was ~50. The track was WAY slick, though. Even the AWD's were spinning all four. Anyway, here are my stats.
R/T = .892
60' = 2.471
330' = 6.688
1/8 = 10.074 @72.74MPH
Nothing impressive, but better than most that were there (within reason, anyway). I left it in D3, and think next time I will shift myself, or use SS. The tranny was shifting itself at 7K or so. :rolleyes: How does this compare with other people's times?
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How does that translate to 1/4 times or it doesn't?:dunno:
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