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[B]For Sale: TR Motorsport Rims & Pirelli Tires for 2006 RL[/B]

The tires are 245/45R18 Pirellis PZero Nero M+S Ultra-High Performance All Season Radials. They’ve got a 96 V load/speed rating (149 mph). The tires had 11/32” tread depth when new, and they have a little over 8/32” (about 75%) remaining. UTQG ratings give them a 400 on tread wear, an “AA” traction rating, and an “A” temp rating. Their warranty cards are unregistered so the purchaser can register in their name.

The rims are TR Motorsport six-spoke carbon grey 18x8.5-120 with lug nuts. They looked awesome on my black RL, and I got a lot of compliments. The grey works with any color too - blue, white, silver, red. The rims have Acura TPMS sensors mounted. The sensors were purchased new with the rims and were working fine when the tires came off the car.

A little background: In July of 2009 my stock Michelin Pax tires on my 2006 RL Tech were closing in on replacement. The costs were too high & the performance too poor to shell out over $400/tire, so I decided to retire the Pax. I was very satisfied with the results. The whole package cost roughly the same 4 Pax tires. My mileage improved by 2-3 mpg city and 4-5 highway once installed. The car definitely handled better and certainly seemed a little quicker. The Pax were pretty loud, and road noise was noticeably decreased with the Pirellis. We get a lot of rain here in DFW, and the tires really stick well to wet pavement. We had record snow last winter in Dallas, so I got to try them out under those conditions as well and they worked great! (SH-AWD doesn't hurt either, eh? :) )

When I sold the RL in February 2010 the buyer wanted the Pax tires/rims, so I reinstalled them. So now I’ve got the TR/Pirelli rim/tire set available. I only ran these for 8 months, and the tires still have the majority of their tread left. I’d like to get $1,000 for the set. However one of the rims has a curb gnash on it (the others 3 are fine) so I’m listing the set for $800 as is plus shipping. For reference the entire package shipped to me for $92. I don’t know if I can get that rate, so use that cost as a minimum, not a maximum. Pickup/delivery in North TX, Northwest LA, South East OK, or Southwest AR could be arranged.

If you’re interested or have questions, just post and ask!

UPDATE - Pix now available - as promised
Looking at these now that they're loaded, the image quality is making it appear there are damage issues with the other rims. This is a digital effect only, and a result of the image posting size contraints. I can provide high-def, close-up pix of the set on request which will show only Tire 4 has any damage.


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