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saw an opportunity to upgrade to the much reverred Acura TL-S 6MT and in a gorgeous WDP w/ebony interior.

Took a few days to negotiate a fair trade-in for my 08 TL navi base auto and then pulled the trigger on it... she is absolutely gorgeous and if you ever get a chance to get one...dont hesitate..just do it.

This is an acura certified TL-S with very low mileage.

I negotiated with the dealer:
1. I keep my 18" A-specs from my trade in.
2. they take my 17" stockies from the trade in and remove the snow tires off them.
3. they mount my snow tires onto the stock TL-S waffle rims and give them back to me for winter.
4. they keep the stock 17" base wheels and equip it with the 17" tires that was on the type-S at sale.

DONE!.,so far I love it..the power band is absolutely amazing in the standard transmission.

STOCK TYpe-S rims stored for winter use:

mandatory a$$ shot.

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Looks great, thats a score getting it in a 6mt.
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