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For sale:

Original 2005 Acura TL (6MT) wheels with Nokian Hakkaplilita 4 studded tires. $1000

Pictures by MR_C_2005_TL - Photobucket

Theses tires are the best you can buy. They cost more than the wheels and they are worth it. They are very quiet for a studded snow. They have seen very little use, as my job changed and I basically stopped driving the car 2 years ago and I finally sold it :bigcry:. The tread dept measures at 9 mm.

The wheels are original, I use the A-Spec wheels / tires for the summer, so these only saw limited winter use. That said, there is a scratch on 1 wheel, pointed out in the pics. The rest are flawless. The shop where I bought the tires offered to locate all of the balance weights behind the spokes so they are not visable... a nice touch. My car was a 6MT, so they will fit your automatic or 6MT.

I am located in upstate NY (albany) and can deliver within a reasonable distance. (518) 203-0990
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