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Rare unmodified, clean, manual trans 2006 TSX. No accidents, clean title. Located in the Philadelphia suburbs (zip 19002). I am the second owner and bought it just a year ago at ~135k miles. It currently has 139,8XX miles on it. I would love to keep it, as it’s a fantastic, reliable, fun car, but I have too many vehicles after impulse buying an e46 BMW (which is already broken ☹). Keeping the Acura would be the much wiser decision, but I’m dumb and love to dabble with cars. I had intended to keep the Acura for many years (ask my wife…)

The original female owner took fantastic care of this car. It was purchased at Davis Acura and it was maintained there meticulously until I bought it last year. I have probably 100 pages of maintenance records that I can provide, most of which shows on the Carfax (see picture, from last year when I bought it). This is really what sold me on the car. I could tell immediately that this car was maintained above and beyond what typical owners would do.

Mechanically, the car is a 10/10. It drives great, no grinds, clutch is original but engages and holds like new (I’m unfortunately familiar with what a slipping/worn clutch feels like). The clutch throwout bearing will occasionally make a brief squeal when starting on a hill or over-revving while starting. This is common as other have reported on the forums, including people with very new TSXs who were told by dealers it is normal behavior.

During my ownership, I have replaced the starter which was original and getting tired, and had the Acura dealer replace a faulty airbag sensor. I’ve also replaced the clutch pedal bracket which was cracked (very common problem), and I had the coolant and brakes flushed and refilled. Only OEM parts were used. The tires were changed at 132k miles, front brakes at 107k and rear brakes and alignment at 134k. Everything has a lot of life left. When I had it at the Acura dealer for the airbag sensor, I had them do a full inspection to let me know if there was anything they would advise doing. They said everything looked great and there was nothing anticipated. Brief “inspection report” is pictured from them as well (showing tire and brake life). The car is due for inspection at the end of the month. If a PA buyer would like me to get it inspected, I can do so, or I can knock $100 off the price for a buyer who would like to get inspected themselves (or are out of state).

Cosmetically, the car is good, but not a show car. I’d give it an 8/10. For a 15 year old car with 139k miles, it is in very good shape, but has some typical stone chipping and minor dings. One thing that I’ve intended to do is replace the chrome (plastic) Acura grille, which has some cracks and the chrome is wearing off in places. This is ~$150 online if the next buyer wants to freshen the look a bit. The paint shines, no clear coat wear, and no body rust whatsoever. I will include touch up paint and clear coat. The interior is in very good shape other than a small torn seam on the seat bottom which I have taped over with leather tape. This could be repaired, but it never bothered me.

Everything on the car works as expected, and it drives great. In my ownership, I added Bluetooth using the stock auxiliary input in the center console (only on 2006 and up). It sounds great. I took it on 2 different 800+ mile road trips to the mountains, and the car was fantastic. Such a great highway car, yet also fun on mountain roads. Returned about 32mpg on those trips.

FWIW, using Cargurus (my favorite car buying site) value calculator, my car comes back with a $7,977 “Instant Market Value”. This is higher than blue book, mostly because blue book does NOT account for the added value of the manual transmission. KBB simply lists all manual trans cars as less valuable than automatics, even for cars where that is obviously not the case (e.g. my e46 BMW and this TSX). A quick search shows that in a 500 mile radius from me, there are only 5 manual trans, 1st gen TSXs for sale, 4 of which are the 2004 model year. The 5th is a 2008 priced at $10,000. Very little to compare against...

My asking price is $7,100 which I think is fair given the current market, and given the meticulous maintenance/history, and good condition of the car. Not the cheapest TSX in the world, but it has a TON of life left in it. Feel free to contact me with any questions!


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