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I sold my '92 Acura Legend and now have these accessories for sale if you can pick them of from the Chicagoland Area (Woodridge, IL). Email [email protected] if interested.

1. Enkei Zoku Wheels four 16x7 40mm offset. $400 OBO

For sale are my very gently used, garage kept Enkei Zoku Sportline wheels (four of them). Tires are already removed.
They are size 16x7 with 40mm offset. More specifically they are stamped 16x7J ET40, EL 110 Made in Japan Enkei.
Also included are the tuner lugs with appropriate allen head type adapter to remove/place them
I have provided closeup pictures of the minimal curb rash (one little chip and a 1.5 inch rash)
I used them as my summer wheels for 3 yrs, and used my stocks for the winter. They look beautiful in the sunlight as the paint has silver flakes in it. They have a black carbon fiber cap to match with an interior carbon fiber kit and phantom grey paint. No cracks, No balancing issues, No bends.
They were used in a 1992 Acura Legend (1991-1996 were same specs). They were fitted by a tuner shop, so there is no issue with the tires rubbing on the wells, or not performing properly on a 1991+ acura legend.


These are genuine H&R sport spring Model # 29844-1 used in my 1992 Acura Legend for a total of about 10,000 miles. They will fit 1991-1996 Acura Legend models. They lower the car about 1.5 to 2 inches to give it a much more aggressive look and tighter suspension. (Google the model number for details). They were fitted by a tuner shop, so there were no problems with tires hitting wheel wells or performance issues, they worked great. They are made in Germany and have no chips/cracks in coating of the spring... they are in perfect condition and sit symmetrically. I still have the original box and protective wrap.

3. Tenzo R Cold Air Intake $49 OBO

I'm am selling my Tenzo R Cold Air Intake. It was used for about 10,000 miles on my 1992 Acura Legend to give it some more horse power. If you leave the piping as it is, it fits perfectly into a 1991-1996 Acura Legend where the air intake box is, no other modifications to the car needed other than to pull out the plastic air intake box. It is in perfect condition, is washable (so you should not need to buy a new air filter again). It worked great in that car, no problems with sensors or fuel efficiency.... I think i used to get better efficiency with it on. No rust or damage on it.

I'm having some trouble posting pics, here are the links to the Craigslist adds with pictures:
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