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Genuine Delphi Honda / Acura V6 alternator fits accord V6 and Acura V6 cars and possibly other models as well

Part # is 31100-P8C-A02. It also replaces part # 31100-P8A-A01, 31100-P8C-A01, and 31100-P8A-A02

Please check at the dealership or online to confirm that this part number can be used on your vehicle, or I will be happy to for you if you provide me with the vin number

New in box directly from dealership never installed

Box has Remanufactured printed on it but I actually think thats incorrect because the part number would end in "RM" if it was, all Honda and Acura parts that come from the dealer remanufactured do as far as I know

If anyone has the information to correct me or identify the other possible applications that this part number fits please let me know, thanks

Asking $150 but may consider interesting trades


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