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before my car was actually at dealer (330ci) and before I bought my s2000, I was driving around a 01 civic lx coupe (which belonged to my lil brother). The car had altezza and 5% tint. It was never really washed, but no wheel. I was quiet aggressive driving it. Most people thought it was a sleep with some gs-r engine SC-ed or something. Cuz everytime I was going to DC on toll road or on beltway, i would have corvettes/bmw z(M)3s trying to race me. I damn well knew that I could not keep up with them for more than 2 seconds. But It was just too funny when they were pushing to race me. I would step up to the plate, but i would lose everytime and would get a huge kick out of it. I think the civic has a bad rep and people think we are speed racer or rice burner, they are target either way and people love messing with it. hahahha.

I just thought i share this cuz i saw some race threads in

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