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need some help

I am new here just wanted to say hi unsure of where to go. I do have a problem with a friends 98 cl 2.3. He over heated real bad drove for about 10 min. after temp gauge was in the red. He pulled over and took the cap off and nothing but steam came out. The car was so hot he melted the wire and they had to be chipped out. He had another person look at it and they over heated it again. Then he asked me to look at it. Upon removal of the valve cover to chip the wires off again, I noticed the white milky mess, blown head gasket? Upon the removal of the head I noticed he got this car so hot he melted the top of the timing cover around the cam. I looked over the head gasket and see no visual cracks. Around the piston walls is full of oil it should be antifreeze right? So now I am thinking the head is cracked, he does not have a lot of money and I will not shell out money for him to have all this checked. At this point would it just be smarter to replace the motor, or do I send the head out eat the cost and go from there any help is appreciated.
Thank You and sorry for the long post.
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