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Actually a better heading is "Gas caps for dummies". On a recent road trip, I stopped in Eastern Oregon at the border for gas before heading on to Twin Falls where I spent the night. In case anyone doesn't know, it's illegal to pump your own gas in Oregon. So some guy filled my tank and off I went to Twin Falls (about 200 miles down the road), stopping for the night.

After I checked in at a hotel, I went back out to move my vehicle ('16 RDX) closer to the room and that's when I got 2 or three warning lights including one that said I could damage the engine if I continued to drive with the lights one. This was on New Year's Eve about 4:40 pm with the closest Acura dealer behind me back in Boise. I called the dealers in Boise, Salt Lake and Las Vegas for information on this problem and most of them were closed because of New Year's Eve with the holiday closing the next day as well. Finally I got the Las Vegas dealer who told me I could drive the car to Vegas as long as it didn't start running rough.

So the next day, before sun up, I filled the vehicle and off I went toward Las Vegas (worried about damaging the engine). About 125 miles down the road, I stopped for coffee and when I started the engine back up, ALL the warning lights went out. So I bypassed the Vegas dealer and drove on to my destination (Phoenix). In Phoenix, I went to an Acura dealer, gave him my warning code (I think it was P1044 or 46). He told me that code was about not securing the gas cap past the click, click, chick position. I can only guess that the Oregon gas guy didn't screw the gas cap on fully.

So if someone else fills your tank, it might be wise to check to see if the gas cap is fully screwed on.
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