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Just sold my 2014 Accord EX-L. Was looking into the new Acura TLX. had few questions, wondering if anyone can give me some insights.

I don't see much advance package TLX and if any, most of them are A-Spec. I know for 2022, they had the darker blue color (not apex blue) for the advance package, but 2023 advance package it seems the colors are limited to only a few. And blue is not even an option. Why is that ? I really would have liked the Apex blue or that other dark blue in a advance package. Anyone know why they don't have that option or maybe they will later on?

What is the real difference between the A-Spec and advance TLX for 2023? Mainly what I seen online it seemed like the 360 camera, and auto start were probably the main functional features the advance had over the A-Spec. I don't really care about the rims or anything like that. I want to know the main difference between features like what I mentioned above.

Will there be any changes for 2024? I know I read somewhere, they will do a refresh in 2026. I really had wish they made the infotainment touchscreen or had at least that option. How difficult is it to use the touchpad? Anyone have issues with it ?

How is the mpg ? Real time driving. Not just numbers they display online.

Personally my ideal build would be the advance package, with the red interior and exterior with the Apex blue. Advance is supposed to be the higher trim level right ? Shouldn't it have more options?

Let me know if anyone can help me with some information on these questions. Thank you.
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