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My mother is old and I want to purchase a safer big SUV for her. I did some research and planed to buy the 2016 MDX (FWD with technology package). I checked some cost posts in forums and got a lot help. I compared deals in,, AutoPriceShare dealers give me a better deal. $43968 for 2015 MDX FWD with technology packages.
For that the autopriceshare dealer is far from my home, I asked near dealers with the same price. One dealer said they could match this price. However, they ask me to pay $3000 more for a 5 years extended warranty(Plus 3 years free oil change). This warranty is provided by an insurance company rather than Acura.
I am living in NY. Compared with other prices in NY. I think $43968 is OK. However, I didn't know whether the $3000 additional warranty is worth or not. give me some advice please :)
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