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O man!! HIN was so tight! All the cars, all the music, all the people, all the girls...... . So anyways i cars there were hella tight, but there were some that i was just wondering why in the hell would anyone want to put that piece of crap into a show? There wasn't any TL's at the show, the only thing closest to a TL was a 2.2 Cl and all i can say is ......:barf:

Did i mention the girls? O wow!! there were sooooo much hot girls there, I almost has a hotty overload. The only thing that sucked was that i lost the guys i came in with and spend most of the time looking for them, but i was able to get in a few pics of the cars and girls. I also had a good laugh on my way to the show, i saw so many rice rockets. People just do the stupidest things to their car and thinks it's cool. I saw cars with like little neon lights on their windsheild....and i almost every car had altezzas. My ears are still recovering from the loud music and the crazy systems people put in their car, I felt earthquakes with less tremble than those systems.

So after the show we were leaving the garage and traffic was backed up for a while and we spotted 4 hot hot hot girls coming out of a car and we asked for a picture and somehow they lets us and as we were leaving I yelled out "i love you" and one of them said "I love you too"..... i'm in love....:frenchkss hahaha.

So ya, i had a great time and i'll post pics as soon as possible!!!
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