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Well, I finally had to break down and get new tires this weekend.

So friday, after work I went to discount tire and said "What do you have?" I need tires right then, I was so tired of needing new ones.

So the only ones that they had a set of 4 in was the Yokohama YK420.

So here is a little breakdown of the tires...

$123.00 each
P215/50R-17 93V B
Treadwear: 420
Traction: AA
Temperature: A

The look really good, and have a nice tread pattern to them.

All said, the tires cost me $650 with everything.

So on Saturday I went to get an alignment done, because I really needed to get that fixed, since the place that did it after my springs were put on messed it up. Total cost for the alignment was $50.

So basically $700 later I have my new tires and a good alignment, the car feels much better. I am just waiting a little bit to test these tires out and see how easy they are to break loose, but with the AA traction rating, it might be hard! ;)

Thanks for your input guys, but I just couldn't wait any longer for tires or order them and wait for them to come in.

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