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GoTTa BuY Tires... SIzes?

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So I've got stock (well RSX rims) that are 6.5" -- I'm going to get bigger wheels next year so I don't want to buy brand new 16" tires this year -- but I do need tires :( Mine are practically bald...

So I'm going to find a set of decent used ones to last me 'til the winter...

Obviously 205/60/16 will work - what other sizes can i get away with?

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Would 225's be too wide for 6.5" rims??
someone said they would, but would they?

I wouldnt mind 225/60 or 225/55 that'd un 4x4 my car a tad :)
nevermind search owned me - and i saw 2 cars with 225/60/16's - so i think it'll work - they some beefy mo fos lol

i'm only gonna have em on til winter...

I figured is houldnt have listened to the idiot on the phone from the tires i called about

"225 is WAY too wide for 6.5" rims"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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