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Sup guys. Obviously new to the forum.
Currently in the most beautiful place in the world Afghanistan (BULL****!)
Got a month left here

Currently looking at the 07-08 tl type s
It looks nice inside and out
Good power
And reliable since its basically a Honda engine
And it's a 4 door

I have also been looking at an 08 VW R32
It's awd which is a plus for me since I'm stationed at fort drum, NY
Exhauat sounds beautiful
Good performance
And looks good Inside and out

I'm currently stationed at fort drum, ny
1. Where is a good place to buy a used TL

I've looked in NYC and surrounding cities, NJ, and PA

2. How much should I pay for a used TL type s and roughly what's good mileage for it?
I'm thinking 75xxx max????

3. What are some issues with this car?

4. What are the typical basic mods for a tl type

I would appreciate any type of feedback.
Thank you
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