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I'm the owner of a "new" 2008 TSX. This was my first FWD automobile, and my first Honda/Acura. After two weeks of ownership, it definitely won't be my last (Honda/Acura). With any luck, hoping to take this car well above 200K miles.

I was in the market for a small sports sedan, and it won out over the other contenders for reliability, efficiency, and comfort on long drives. I also checked online OEM replacement part prices, and the TSX won a clear margin (not that I expect I'll have to purchase many replacement's a Honda!).

I just returned from a trip where I was able to average 37.9mpg over 200 miles using reduced (55-60 mpg) speeds and a very light foot; definitely better than expected! From what I've seen, I'll probably average ~21 around town, and ~33 rolling 70-75 on the interstate.

I'm very happy with this purchase, and can't wait for my next road trip!
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