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So my 2000 RL had had intermittant problems recently where we go to start the car and get nothing. Completely dead. The solution is to go under the hood and jiggle the the batter cables and generally, I can hear the power actually come through. After a bit of troubleshooting, I believe I have identified it as an issue with the ground cable itself, not the battery connectors.

Anyway, it wasn't a huge issue until this week, when both yesterday and today the car was dead. And it was more difficult than usual to get the power to come back.

I assume for some cars replacing this cable is none too dofficult. But in my case, I am not sure. After trying to track the cable, I see that it goes into the abyss of the engine. I don't see where it goes but I clearly cannot follow it from above. I have not had time to check from below because of work and early sunset.

But I am curious as to whether anyone can direct me on the difficulty of replacing this cable and whether I can do it without dismantling the entire engine.


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Battery cable issues are always with the connections at the ends, not the cable itself.

It's very common to have an intermittent at the battery due to corrosion or looseness.
If wiggling the cable fixes the issue temporarily - that's what you've got.

Get a connection cleaning tool and clean the connections up, both the cable and the battery posts. Bright metal is good, get rid of all the grey stuff.
Now put them back together maybe with new cinch bolts.

I'm guessing you have your radio code already???
Disconnecting the battery will require that you re-enter it.
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