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Do you know what the unit k is?
K is for kelvins. Colour temperature.

When you say "I want more", I assume you're looking for brightness.
Brightness is measured in lumens.

It's crazy how many people mix the two up, so you're not the only one.

RULE: The higher the kelvins, the less lumens.

Anything above 6000k will reduce visability noticeably.

That being said, you want 30000k?
That will give you a PINK/MAGENTA colour. Imagine the visability with those.
Might as well not even have your headlights on.

The best output is 4300k.
There are only two bulbs that are really considered an upgrade to the stock 4300k which is made by Philips (85122+) and Osram (CBIs).

The Osrams cost like 200 a pair so they are expensive but give THE BEST output.

Oh and to answer your question, no 30000k will not melt your headlight lens, given you used the right bulb.

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More Light!

The "kelvin" rating refers to the color temperature on the light spectrum as I understand it. The lower the number the more yellow the light, like the older styled sealed beams which I think are somewhere around 2700-3000. I have read that 41-4300 is as white and as bright as you can have with HID. The higher the number from there, the more the color moves to a purplish color. I had a ballast go out and in trying to save money at the time, changed out both of the original L/R side HID with what was recommended by some members of 2 different boards and they were listed as 5000k but only cost me $65 for both side ballast & bulbs. The passerger side just went out after 16 months so I put in one of the original HID ballast & bulb and it is definitly whiter than the aftermarket and brighter in my opinion. The aftermarket has a bluish tint to it. I don't like the difference in the two but money is ruling some decisions right now.

I think the Halogen bulbs run around 1700 Lumens (brightness) and HID around 3200. Hope this helps.
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