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Ok so I had weird issues with fog lights and headlights blowing quicker then I would have hoped. Also one side would have low beam with no hi beam, the other would have hi beam and no low beam. Also the DRL light would flash on the dash and the DRL running lights them selves would flicker or flash along with the day time running light DRL dash light.

Found parts of this info elsewhere after some digging but its the DRL module behind the back seat, drivers side, mounted to a cross brace. A couple of connection point becomes lose or un-soldered on the board just enough so it freaks everything out.

you can see it if you remove the carpet against the seats in the trunk.. you MIGHT be able to remove it with out removing the entire back seat if you had a 10MM wrench with bendy ratcheting head. no the box is hard to see and its NOT the NEC computer, its deeper towards the car door.

to remove the back seat do this by jifisher /edited by me :

Step 1: Remove bottom seat by pulling clips located where the leather meets the carpet. There is one clip on each side, simply pull the clip and lift the seat. Once both clips have been released, lift up from the front, slide up and forward and remove.

Step 2: Remove the four 10mm bolts from the bottom of the rear back seat, two near arm rest tow near doors

Step 3: Raise headrest. On each side of the vehicle, behind each headrest, there is a leather flap with a 10MM bolt behind it. remove.

Step 4: Remove the seat by lifting from the bottom and pulling up and the top towards the front of the car, You will need to wiggle to get it out. back of seat near the top has metal fingers that slide into the car.

remove the DRL module, use flat heads to pop it out, have a look for bad joints, gently pressing components "thru" the board will help to easily show bad joints, re solder like this ( wrong care but same module)

BOOM works as new!
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