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I have a 2003 RSX that's still running great except...
my low beam passenger headlight went out for a week or so, then started working again. Then, recently, my driver side headlight went out, but when I went out to look at it, I hit the scalloped cover one time with my hand and it went back on.

The headlights were put in on separate dates, but a year or so ago. Somethings loose, I'm guessing, but what? Clips too old? Need new shocks?? My high beams work fine and all other lighting, so I'm confused on this one.
I bought the car new, but it is rattling a lot these last 2 years...I've had that looked at several times, but no one has noticed any loose exterior or under the hood parts that are loose, so far. But the streets can be pretty bumpy these days on an old car with dips and speed bumps etc. However, I've cared for all my cars for 20 to 28 years without this type of problem. Though I'm aware they don't make cars like they used to :(
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