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Picked up a 2010 TL FWD BASE AUTOMATIC with 86K Black on Black a couple of weeks ago. I have had the timing belt service (along with water pump, sparks, tensioner, serpentine belt etc) done by Acura dealer. Now going to tackle rear pads and rotors, and some caliper painting (mine have rust on them after 8 mid-western winters) on my own. So far the car is running well...And I am hoping for a lot more reliability and durability and less time wrenching for me compared to my previous European made cars.:grin2:

Previous Cars:
1988 Honda Prelude (First car, NICE!)
1984 Nissan 200SX (hatchback, handling was meh..)
1990 Nissan 240SX (Loved this car, kept it 10 years and must have had 190K on it and was still running well when I traded it)
1994 Nissan Pathfinder (A tank! until it was wrecked by the ex-wife)
1998 Volvo Cross Country (Never have had car seats that were this comfortable in any other car to date)
1992 Mercedes 400E (my first lemon of a car; almost 300HP so a rocket for its time; learnt a lot wrenching on this one)
2001 Ford F150 (Nice truck with undersized brakes but otherwise no complaints until I wrecked it)
1999 GMC Yukon (a living room on wheels; undersized brakes)
2001 Toyota 4Runner (Not so reliable as one would think, steering column needed replacement and then tranny died at 110K)
2003 BMW 540I (V8 with manual wow!; definitely the best looking car I have owned)
2007 Toyota 4Runner (Bullet Proof!; shouldn't have sold it but I was tired of SUVs)
2008 Audi S4 (V8 with manual and AWD; unstoppable, a blast to drive but almost had to ask my mechanic to provide a bunk in his garage to keep this sucker running)
2016 VW GTI (new car lease, no fuss no muss, fun car to drive daily)
2015 Honda CRV (Reliable boredom for me but driven by wife)
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