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Hello every one. I am not currently an Acura owner , but I may be soon.
Currently I own 94 mustang gt mild build.

Im looking at the prospect of trading my mustang for a 2002 Acura rsx type-S .

Now the mustang is pushing close to 275 rwhp and I know the rsx type s is only making 200. Im more going for the handling and comfort of the Acura while maintain a bit of power and sport.

My question is simple. The Acura Im looking at is clean inside and out with 194,000 on the od. And since I am new to the Acura's I have no idea if the car is worth trading for or what to look for in the way of mechanical trouble, or what to look at in the future as far as mait. The Acura is a true type S with 6sp trans DOHC i4 vetch.
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