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Hi All.
Brand new here, forgive my ignorance if I have misplaced my question to follow. Last year I bought a 1994 Integra LS 4-Door 5-Speed Manual - for an absurdly low price (I know the guy, he just wanted to pay off his last storage bill and move back to England). I would say it is in very good/excellent condition. Very clean, no rust, everything works, stock everything (I think). I replaced the alternator a few months ago (6-18). 160,000 mi. Only aesthetic flaw is some of the clear coat on the roof is starting to wear off. It began it's life in Alabama, now lives with me in Detroit.
As much as I love it, I've been surprised at how many people have asked me if I want to sell it. So naturally I'm interested in what a fair price would be. The KBB value is around $1200. However, most of the few listings I have found are considerably more, and the range is all over the place. So I suppose I'm asking anyone knowledgeable what you might think a fair price would be? No need to shine me on -- just a real, solid price figure.
I'd love to hang onto it. But if the price is right I might look into something more eager to take on Michigan winters.

Thanks in advance! Will answer questions if need be.

(The hood prop rod is broken, so in the pic it is being held up with a scraper. The tan all-weather floor mats are on top of the stock)


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