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Hello, This is my first post on Acurazine. m not one to ask for help usually. Let me get to the point... I have an 01 3.2L CL Type-S. I've owned my baby since 07, "second owner" it has 252,376 miles and counting. I've always pampered her with the best fluids and OEM parts. She still runs like the day I purchased her.

I just did my timing service. New Honda belt, water pump, idlers, thermostat, tensioners - including accessorie drive tensioner, accessorie drive belts, all new valve cover seals and gasket, resurfaced air intake mounting points, all 4 metal gaskets associated with the air intake were replaced as well.

She was riding a little rough, so I also replaced every single piece of the front end suspension... Every motor and transmission mount, both CV Axles, radius-rod bushings, newly pressed wheel bearings and hubs, inner and outer tie rods, upgraded upper and lower pressed control arm bushings all 4 new struts, every single ball joint on the entire car, new sway bar links and sway bar bushings...

The engine is running like a bat out of he'll in a good way. The suspension is now as tight as a virgin...*

However, my problem began when I was pressure washing my engine and tranny before i did the timing service...

I have a 3,500 PSI Subaru pressure washer... Upon pressure washing the engine bay I accidentally moved the jet stream of the pressure washer nozel too close to the "dual linear" shift solenoid on my transmission and it blew the brown electrical connector clean off of the solenoid. So... I went down and bought every single solenoid for the entire transmission. Mind you, the transmission was shifting and running beautifully before this happened... I change my tranny fluid and filter along with my oil Every 3,000 miles religiously...

After completing the timing service, including draining all fluids, power steering, transmission, oil, coolant and refilling them all to the prescribed levels and after replacing all the transmission solenoids... My baby will not shift out of second gear!

I've tried driving it in Tiptronic as I usually do, I've tried in D5, and I've even tried shifting her manually from D1 through D5...

She shifts rough in reverse and in drive. This all started when I put on the new solenoids yesterday. The only time which was today, I was able to get her to shift directly from 2nd to 4th by driving at 6,000 RPMs shifting to Neutral and then hard shifting it back into D5. Which I know cannot be good on her.*

My check engine light kept coming on and throwing a code =* P0780 - Shift Error...

Today after all that bullshit, I removed all of the new solenoids and replaced them with the old ones, "except for the dual linear solenoid" for obvious reasons... Her tranny is still running like shit... Could it be the new dual linear solenoid? Any thoughts? Please don't tell me I need a new transmission. Like I said, she was gliding like a hot knife through butter just before I did the timing service. Replaced the CV Axles and replaced all the shift solenoids. Please give me wisdom. Please advise. Thank you for reading this Novel of a thread!


Email me at...

[email protected] or text me at 916-595-3777
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