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I’ve recently joined the forum in a panic and deseperate for advice. I am located in the Bahamas so for me to simply bring my TSX to the dealer is out of the question. I am really hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

I purchased a 2008 TSX about three months ago and everything was seemingly fine except for a low oil notification. I added oil - a little too much, and had to drain some out - then reset the low oil light. A few weeks of driving and I noticed that the oil life peculiarly still remained at 100%.

I have had no other issues with the car until two weeks ago. I drove her about 10 miles and parked her. Upon going to start her up again she flashed CHECK TMPS and VSA warning lights, then cranked but wouldn’t start, and the key was stuck in the ignition. I had to detach the battery to get the key to release. I was somehow able to get her started and drive less than a mile and up a hill while she was hardly able to accelerate. Now I cannot start her, key stuck and it is reading off what appears as all warning lights: CHECK TPMS, VSA, ABS, Emission system, Brake system, etc.

I’ve uploaded a video of all the warning lights flashing with the key stuck in the ignition. But, I guess I can't post a URL here with less than 15 posts.

ALSO, the car is very low on oil after having just added oil a month ago.

Currently, the car is waiting for me to figure out what is wrong with her and the progress was postponed by Hurricane Matthew that just passed by here wreaking havoc. I am looking for leads on information that will direct me with how to best solve this problem.

Could it be related to the oil? I haven’t seen any oil leaking.

I am afraid the engine is locked from having tried start it so many times.

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