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I have a '16 RDX with about 3000 miles. I'm on a road trip from Seattle to Phoenix. My first leg was today (Seattle to Twin Falls ID-about 650miles). Car ran like a top the entire trip. I pulled into a motel, checked in and then went out to start the car to park it for the night.

As soon as I started it up, there was an error message saying I had a P0146. New Year's Eve and no dealer anywhere around here. I called my dealer back in the Seattle area and he told me it was something to do with one sensor of two. I explained that tomorrow is New Years and there isn't much of a chance finding an Acura dealer service dept open tomorrow.

He said it was safe to drive the car unless it starts running rough. I'm looking at around 900 more miles to go. From Twin Falls, I have an option to drive close to Salt Lake City or Las Vegas (both where Acura dealers are located.

Is the anyone here that is an expert who thinks I could pull off the 900 drive and then get it fixed in Phoenix. The worst thing is I don't want it to break down in the middle of nowhere.

Normally I could stop at either of the dealers above and wait to get the sensor or whatever it is replaced, BUT I have a ticket to the NFL Cardinal-Seahawk game on the 3rd. IF I absolutely should stop for a repair and it was finished on the 2nd, I could drive all night and still make the game. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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