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Hello Acura Forum. My wife (5 weeks from delivery) owns a 2006 TSX. Yesterday on the freeway I gunned it to avoid a collision situation by switching lanes. Within a couple seconds the CEL and VSA messages started to appear. The car ran ok until we stopped at a light and it was acting a bit sluggish. I shut the car off and restarted it and it had a very rough idle, where it would it would fluctuate in RPM from 800 to about 2k and feel like it was going to stall during the engine pulsing.

This morning I turned it on and it seemed ok for a couple seconds but went right back to it with the engine lights. I connected my scanner and the only code that came back was P2647 (Actuator Rocker Arm Control System Stuck On).

I opened the hood and noticed some oil or some type of residue on the top left of the engine cover. I have enclosed two pictures.

I am hoping I just have to go to pepboys/autozone and switch out a part but am afraid there is more to it. The part I was assuming was the Duralast/Oil Pressure Switch from autozone. Unfortunately I can not link as I am a new member.

Please Help/Advise!

Thanks in advance.


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