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Recently just got a Injen cai and its pretty cool but i have noticed it does not excellerate as fast as before, but once it get going im out ya know, but not the question. Im not looking into headers, Ive seen on almost every website Dc sport headers are the main choice for alot of websites. I read up however that their ceramic coated and from reading that ive learned that they sometimes can crack?? if thats the case what other headers could i look at for a reasonable price. Off their selling the headers for $350 with a discount which is good, but i also found stainless steal dc sports headers for a little over 1k. I really would prefer to get stainless steal just cuz of what ive read but theres no way im payin more then 500 for headers. Also ive read that the auto trannys can start to act up around 80k to 120k miles. Im at 108k as the third owner and and previously the guy i bought it off of had only used to car for traveling for business and has been garage kept maintained wise with oil changes and such but i also have notcied i think , with not only the acceleration is slower from the new cai but also i think im burning threw gas more. Gonna get a full tank soon and see how many miles I get cuz before when i bought the car with a full tank it got around 340miles i think so hopefully i get more next time. but hopefully i can get a few of my questions answered on her i apprecaite any help I can get. and also to add when i recently got an oil change the mechanic noted I should get my fuel injectors cleaned and ill prob do that soon as well
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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