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On Monday December 30th , 2019 we went to the DCH Montclair Acura dealer of New Jersey to purchase an RDX.

My wife Louise and I were considering two different cars at this time. The first car was a 2019 certified pre owned, gunmetal grey RDX Advance and the second car was a 2020 brand new gunmetal grey RDX Advance. We were far into the discussion on buying the 2019 RDX or the RDX 2020

After lengthy negotiations, we decided to purchase the new 2020 gunmetal RDX car.

Then we learned that the 2020 RDX Gunmetal car had been sold in the meantime. The only choice the dealership provided us was a black or white 2020 RDX; even after I asked if they could get us a Gunmetal Grey car at a future date. The sales manager said that we would loose the $1000.00 year end deal if we did as they had to have a VIN number in order for us to get the $1000.00 discount. We then decided to settle for the black 2020 RDX car.

We went through the normal procedure of settling on the final price of the car, met with finance and purchased the car. When we went to do the initial set up of the car and learn all of the controls; a warning light came on about an air bag problem. The car was taken back into the service area to fix it. Then my sales person told me it was not an air bag problem but a safety issue with the driver seat belt not acting properly and that it would cause damage to the driver if it was not fixed. The dealer said they fixed this and I drove the car home. When we got the car home, we noticed several scratches on the car. These were not there on the initial examination of the car, and must have occurred when they worked on the seatbelt issue. I sent pictures to our sales person and the dealer said they would fix these and that we should bring it back in.

The car was returned on January 2, 2020 to have the scratches fixed and it came back without the scratches being fixed. At this point, another service appointment was set up to send the car out to have the scratches fixed on January 7, 2020.

On January 5, 2020 the car was sitting in our driveway and the head lights and the dashboard inside the car started flashing uncontrollably by themselves. I ran out to try to turn off the lights and I was unable to stop the head lights and dashboard from strobing / flashing. I could not start the car nor turn off the lights; it was completely unresponsive to the remote. Nothing could be done on my part to make the lights from flashing. This went on for 5 hours before the car finally lost all power. I texted and sent a video of all of this when it first started to my Acura sales representative. A call to the dealer at 2 in the afternoon with a video was sent to the salesman. We tried to jump the car on Monday however it would not take a jump. The dealer sent a tow truck to the house to pick up the car. This took close to 3 hours. It was agreed that they would work on the scratches and the electrical issue at the same time.

They replaced the battery and said that was the issue. (no idea how a battery could cause a car to flash for 5 hours and not allow it to be turned on or off) but of course the battery died after this timeframe. They sent the car to a body shop to fix the scratches. The car was ready on Thursday the 9th for pick up. When I went in to pick up the car, the main scratch on the driver side rear door was still visible as well as new swirling scratches all over the entire top coat of the car. I left the car there at the dealer and again asked them to fix this, again.

I went home in a loaner car. The loaner worked fine for a day. The second day (January 11) it died and I had to have it jumped. A neighbor saw it with lights flashing late at night, same electrical/battery issue. I didn’t use it after that and returned it to the dealer on Tuesday Jan 14 when they told me my newly purchased car was ready to be picked up.
When I went to pick up the 2020 RDX Advanced, they said they used a special buffing compound to remove the swirl-marks out of the car. Most were removed but not all of them.
They offered me 5 oil changes, 2 tire rotations and to pay for the interest on the loan for the days we have not been able to use the car. We left the car at the dealership. The manager from the dealership called and stated that this “battery” issue has happened in other cars, we should pick up our car without giving us an explanation as to what they have done to rectify the situation.

Acura Corporate has not been responsive, a case worker was assigned, however he went out of the office with no message to us for the next 6 weeks. A second case worker was assigned however she also has not been responsive, and finally after a week returned our call and said she could not help us.

I have no confidence in the safety integrity of the vehicle, 1. Seatbelt warning, 2. The electrical problem of 5 hours sitting in my driveway flashing where nothing could be done, What would happen if I was driving on a highway and I wouldn’t have control of the car. This is clearly a safety issue with this vehicle. 3. In addition the clear coat of the car is compromised and what should be a new car now looks like one that has been in an accident.

I would like a new 2020 RDX Advanced in either Black or Gunmetal grey as well as compensation for my time, aggravation and not having a new vehicle which I have been paying for since December 31.
I am a valued Honda Customer for most of my life, and still currently own 3 Honda’s.
This is not an acceptable way to be treated by Acura/Honda.

Please advise on how to resolve this situation. The car was very expensive and purchased new and yet this is not what we are getting.
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