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I found my 2007 TL base with only 59,600 miles/one owner with all her dealer service tickets back at end of May. Last service on 20APR15 included drain/refill trans,replace timing belt, water pump and all other belts, flush ps and brake fluids. One neg/all 4 rims have seen some curb actions!! I recently discovered a S l o w coolant leak. Took a gal to top off rad and reservior. Pressure test held. Replaced caps and continue to monitor. Trans clunks around various conditions. Owners manual has very specific instructions about trans fluid level check. A utube vid had opposite instructs..... I'm working 33 hours/wk and taking classes at area community college plus I love to play lacrosse/ started in middle school.
I look forward to a lot of help from you guys in the future.
See ya
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