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I’m learning to do some of my own mechanical work and glad to be able to collaborate and share about my 2004 Acura RL 3.5 adventures. Here some background on a current endeavor and then my first question.
Because the engine light went on and the code was P0401, I recently replaced the EGR valve then cleared the codes. Engine light went off, drove it 60 miles and it came on again, cleared the codes again, and the engine light has remained off.., but I got a bonus light show! The ABS, the VSA, and the little amber triangle with an exclamation point inside all came on and stayed on. Thinking I inadvertently pushed the VSA switch while cleaning my dashboard, I tried to toggle it off. No luck. Here’s the question: could unhooking the battery terminals and putting them back on too loosely cause these lights to go on? (When I put the cables back on after replacing the EGR valve, I didn’t tighten them enough and one slipped off when I parked at the Emissions garage after going over a speed bump. The mechanic secured it for me, but when I left the garage, the bonus lights came on. Ideas anyone?
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