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HID question

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Anyone know if these HID bulbs

will fit into aftermarket HID kits for 9006?
Like to know if there is info to figure out btwn
D2S or D2R

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from what i heard d2r (the type of bulb we have on our car right now) will fit in the 9006 (out fog) housing. so yes, if you get the osram d2r hid to replace your stock ones, you can put the stock ones in the fogs housing, get a set of ballasts, and you got hid for your fogs as well.

d2r and d2s are very similar to each other, it's just that the knobs at the bottom of the bulbs are different. ni order to fit d2s in our cars, you wil need to use dremel to make a small opening on the bottom of the bulb to have it fit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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