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Hey guys!!

So I got a crazy question about H/O alty's.

I dropped a rather hefty sound system in my '96 SE, and the nightmare of not having enough power arose very quickly.

I've been doing some research on purchasing a H/O alty for it and came across a notice on almost all alternator sales:
All of them mention that they will not fit cars of Canada production.
I live in Canada. Lol.
And this would seem to be an easy thing to understand but unfortunately this is new to me.

How do I know if my teg was a Canadian produced vehicle or not?
Why will these H/O alty's not fit even though they look identical to the one sitting in my teg?
Where can I get a H/O alty for my car?

Thanks so much guys.
I really appreciate it.
Hopefully we can get this straightened out!
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