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I have an Acura TL 2004 5AT. 127,000.

So I have been chasing this elusive noise for quite some time. Recently, I have replaced the whole timingbelt assembly/water pump/belt/pulleys. Power steering pump O rings. Serpentine belt auto tensioner and another pulley. Also the PCV valve.

This noise to me sounds like a whistle/chirp. Coming from around the power steering. This noise goes away once I open up the oil dip stick you can see in the video.

Since I replaced my PCV valve I know its not that. :bash:What exactly do you think this could be? It has to be something related with pressure I am assuming because the noise goes away once the dip stick is removed. The 29 second of the video you can really hear the noise.

I am new member so it will not let me attach a video :eek:
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