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Item: Honda/Acura OEM Parts, RSX, Civic Intercooler, Gauges, Pedals, P2R, tow hook, shift knobs misc

Price: Varies, firm

Location: Davie, FL

Contact: PM

Item Description: Below

Photos: Tire Valve Caps: $9 each set

Carbon Fiber 6-speed Shift knob. Fits Honda & Acura. Have adapters to fit others. $25

RSX OEM radiator cap in genuine Spoon radiator cap box: $9

Spare tire tie down: $9

All badges: Acura RSX Type S $45 for full set or $20 each.

OEM RSX-S 2006 Shift knob, includes collar: $20

P2R Throttle body gasket (RSX-S): $12

Nokya clip on racing pedals: $15

RSX-S OEM exhaust manifold header: $40

Benen tow hook: $45

Small top mount intercooler; originally for Toyota MR2 but fits Civic EP3, RSX etc. K-series as well: $90

EM2 Fuse box, also fits RSX, EP3: $35

Great condition Acura Center caps: $35

Vtec actuator part(?) K-series: $25

FG/FA Civic good condition torque strut mount: $35

Air/fuel gauge & real carbon fiber pod: $85

RSX-S OEM camber/alignment arms kit front and rear: F $15 R $35

Base RSX Godspeed torque damper, used for under a month: $45

Honda center caps, great condition: $40

Single Acura center cap, great cond: $12

Glowshift boost gauge: $25

RSX DC5 C-pillar bar, adjustable: $30

Honda K20 Spark plug cover: $30

Acura K20 Spark Plug cover: $20
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