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A DIY guide for those who might have a similar problem with the Clock VFD (Vacuum fluorescent Display) no longer displaying the time. (possibly after fading out gradually over time)

First, you have to disassemble the centre console and extract the clock panel. I mad3 over $40 dollars doing this as there was a bunch of loose change that had collected under the console.

4 screws on the back of the clock panel will get you into the circuit board(s) and VFD display.

The VFD's themselves are tricky to test. On my vehicle both the clock and odometer VFD's are out, so I thought I would have a go at the 'simple' clock first.

Initial inspection reveals high heat damage at the centre of the board from resistor R9. Oh, good, some obvious damage away from the VFD, I might be in with a shot!

Mine had actually melted the solder so that when i touched it, the resistor wobbled, yet all the circuits around these resistors tested OK for continuity.

I tested the resistance with a Digital multi meter (DMM). The three red-violet-black resistors surrounding R9 measures around 28 ohms which is close to 27 ohm spec, so they are ok.

R9 on the other hand measures 129 ohms and orange-black-black is supposed to be 30 ohms. Hello!

Now when I decommissioned my old CRT TV I de-soldered all the components so after a bit of a scratch around I find one of those resistors and about the same size that measures close to 30 ohms ( this is important for WATTAGE rating (larger can dissipate more heat) but I only had one around the same size so over time it will probably also degrade from high heat like the last one.
Dont think there is another 16 years in this Honda though, but you never know.

So soldered in new resistor.
Got a 12v DC supply from some old cactus modem, attach ground to the GND pin, attach positive to the IGN pin, and press 'light' button on the far edge of the 4 button board, and hey presto!

It *should* work when it is properly installed, but I wont know until I try. If it does not work, I will post back.

NB - I winged this and my result may differ from yours, undertake this repair at your own risk!

Now for the Ododmeter VFD which looks to be a completely different issue.

This re



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