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The 2010 Honda Odyssey has the highest entry price of the mainstream minivans, yet it costs the least to insure.

This tidbit comes as just another reminder that the cost of a model—even the cost of fixing that model—doesn't matter nearly as much as the profile of the typical driver for that model when it comes to figuring insurance costs.

"The least expensive vehicles [to insure] are ones you have to drive and no one wants to," Kim Hazelbaker, senior vice president of the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) recently told

But that's not a completely accurate picture. The Odyssey stands as one of the best-handling, best-performing minivans, according to the editors of our companion review site and a wide range of other sources.

The base 2010 Honda Odyssey LX starts at $26,805 (plus $780 destination) and costs just $1,095 to insure annually, on average. The Volkswagen Routan S, for instance, starts at $25,900 but costs significantly more—$1,254—to insure.

It's true, though, that minivan drivers do tend to play it safe. And minivans, as a class of vehicle, are typically among the most affordable to insure as it stands. In's tally of 2010-model-year vehicles, the Honda Odyssey LX was the second-cheapest vehicle to insure, after only the four-cylinder Mazda Tribute i utility vehicle.

That said, before you sign on the dotted line for any vehicle, you should always give your insurance agent a call and get a quote.

To help with this aspect of your family-vehicle shopping, here are's Low Cost Car Insurance Award Winners for 2010 in the Van category:
1. Honda Odyssey LX - $1,095
2. Chrysler Town & Country LX - $1,120
3. Dodge Grand Caravan SE - $1,131
4. Toyota Sienna CE - $1,134
5. Honda Odyssey EX - $1,140
6. Dodge Grand Caravan C/V - $1,147
7. Toyota Sienna LE - $1,149
8. Honda Odyssey Touring - $1,180
9. Dodge Grand Caravan SXT - $1,187
10. Toyota Sienna XLE - $1,187​
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