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Best bet is to get a haynes/chiltons manual. Check the electrical diagram and go from there.
The fuse should be located in the fuse box. Either inside the under hood fuse box or under dash fuse box. There may be relays, etc. too. Depending on how Acura designed the vehicle. Some may be linked to other accessories, etc. too.
Simplest start is to grab a test light. A typical horn set up has a postive and negative terminal. What you can do is unplug the horn, assuming it's easy to get to. Connect the test light to both the terminals on the the harness. Have an assistant press the horn and see if the light lights up. If it does, than the horns are bad. If the light doesn't that you either have a bad positive lead or a bad ground, maybe break in the wire.
You can test the horns themself by hardwiring a ground and positive lead right up to the terminals of the horn. If you put 12v and ground to it. It should turn on. If you don't get any noise, than your horns are bad.

Also, is your SRS or air-bag light on? Have you taken the steering wheel apart before? Sometimes the clock spring inside the steering wheel break causing your horns and air bag to be inoperative.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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