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Hot Import Nights Atlanta GA 08/10! Tickets here, I'll be there!

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The cost is $27.50. Not that much for a great night (5pm-midnight) of checking out new products etc. Plus I'd love to meet everyone in Atlanta, or anyone outside Atlanta who can come. I'll be driving from come on guys! I wanna see a good showing!

And as an extra incentive...I'll be starting another groupbuy soon...on a really cool custom piece for show...hopefully I will have it by then and you can see it first person.

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from birmingham??? youre not in in playboy...ill have tha chromies on by then too...Shyne:king:
awsome i've been dyin to meet u guys. I'm gonna be there. someone PM me w/ a cell phone # and we can meet up sometime. I'm prob gonna be there w/ a big group of celica people. Man than just made my day that i finally get to meet u guys. peace
I'll be there in a 99 blue TL with the 19" chrome Trafficstar DTM's, and tv's in the headrests. BTW, are any of you guys planning on showing.
indy-on tl:
Ha I have nothing to show but oh well. Next year...

nah i'm not gonna show either, like austin maybe next year
Dallas Hot Import Nights was last night,
Here are a couple of pics / video from the show

Check out the second guy in this vid

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nice pics, are u guys gonna order ur tix now, i'm thinkin about waitin till i get to the door?
noleaf74 said:
nice pics, are u guys gonna order ur tix now, i'm thinkin about waitin till i get to the door?
Umm, if it is ANYTHING like the Dallas one, you will want to buy your tix beforehand. Trust me on this one. We waited for an hour and a half in the heat to buy tickets.
Bought tickets off the net, probably going to be a long line if you buy at the door judging by the amount of people who are coming. Traffic is gonna be really slow as well so to save time just buy em online
Heh I wish I had been there. I love Texas Import shows...oh man.

I bought mine online. I'm actually worried now cause (damn) my brother's 18th b'day is that day. I can't convince my parents that he'd have more fun in Atlanta with me than a traditional family dinner. He knows if he went with me he'd be hooking up with a race girl, getting totally t-rashed, and be racing my car around Atlanta. But....I can't quite tell my parents that. So I'm worried guys about when I'll be able to get there, it may not be 5PM like I want...more like 9. :( I'll let you all know. But come Wed. or so I wanna get a list of everyone's cell numbers, and damn it first names, so we can all meet up.

i got this hott girl that stays in Duluth im thinking about staying with so im psyched about coming guys...this shit is gonna be tight...i think i might go friday to buy the wood wheel from RBM for my moms mercedes...they have it for 810$ cheapest anywhere for the 2003 SL...Shyne:king:
Man, were I a bit more settled in I'd meet up with you fellas, but there's just too much to take care of around here until school starts. Sorry :(
Can't even come for an hour or so :(?

Dude you gotta come...I frickin worshipped you on a-tl...gotta meet you man :).

man, pm me...i need some people to meet up w/in atlanta...i dont wanna go chill w/tha girl the whole time...lets meet up at underground or something and eat at Hooters...Shyne:king:
Hell yeah.

Guys I am trying to work this out so I can take my bro to dinner at 5 pm cst, be done by 6, and be in ATL at 9. That fricking sucks because I'll be 4 hours late but at least I'll still have 3 hours right? Ugh...damn damn damn damn damn. I'll let you all know later this week when I'm showing up etc.

AHH shit man that sux gotta get there early serious...are you driving from birmingham...does he live there or something...its only 2 hours from bham to atl if you go I20 148miles...lets do dis...Shyne:king:
I don't think I can bro. It's my brother's 18th b'day...and my dumb ass parents want to go out to dinner for it. Ya know...maybe I'll have a party for him myself...get him a good present...and call it even. Then go out there early. I'm trying to work it out.

yeah austin u gotta represent over here, worse comes to worse u could hit up like 120 on I-20:D
Okay...I will definitely be there, and I will be there early guys. Hopefully we can find a nice spot we can all meet up at. I'll have an aluminum trim kit and a new mod I am going to start a groupbuy on that I'll be showing off as well. Hopefully that mod turns out well.

So I am going to PM everyone on this thread...send me your first name, forum name, cell #, and email. That way I can compile a list of everyone's name so we don't have to call each other by our handles on here...and so I can call everyone and tell them where we're meeting. I figure if I come at 4 PM that'll give us all 8 hours to meet up with each other...I assume we can get it all together by then.

By the way...if someone would like to bring a cooler and uhm, would rock my world. I'm a Mike's Hard Lemonade and Skyy Blue kinda guy myself...if not we'll make a run sometime.

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