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I did a quick search and didn't get any results for the word ignition in this forum, so I hope this isn't a repost. I'm looking for a breakdown of how to access the ignition cylinder. I assume that I can use the two screws on the underside of the housing to get access to it, but I don't want to be monkeying around with this stuff and take an airbag to the face, you know? On my older cars, I've had to access it by first disassembling the dash, then accessing the screws through those holes, but I'm hoping its not as elaborate of a process. I'd also be open to purchasing a haynes manual if this process is for sure listed in the procedures.

Any help is much appreciated. As far as I know, I simply need access to the wires attached to the cylinder for this unit for 12v, ground and fire.

Thanks in advance!
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