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THere are several things your can do to mod you first gen 3.0 CL:

EXHAUST OPTIONS: You need the 1997 Accord V6 exhaust.

(the following is borrowed from, they have an excellent site for info)

Greddy SP - You really can't go wrong with Greddy. This catback will give you a nice deep sound, not too loud, not too quiet. The best deal on the net is probably through AIE Online at - 28% off all Greddy products - the exhaust is $460 shipped. This is the system I plan to buy .

Stromung - This is a small company that only produces exhaust systems. I have heard good things about Stromung systems from online reviews. Supposedly they sound almost like stock, but just deeper. I think the only way to get one is directly through Stromung - They don't list Accord applications on their website, but you can email them for details and pricing. And you can look at the pictures of the Subaru systems to get an idea of what they look like. Well, I emailed them and a full stainless will cost $675.

I also read that RS*R makes a system for our cars, but due to the fact that they are no longer exported to the US from Japan, they are very hard to find. So don't count on that option.

Those are the only companies, that I know of, that make systems for the C27 V6. Your other option is to buy a universal fit muffler and get custom catback piping made. Many people like this setup, and it is generally cheaper than getting a full system, but just make sure the piping is mandrel bent, not crush bent.
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