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My passenger seat motor has died and I need to remove the seat to repair/replace it.
The seat is all the way back so I cannot get to the 2 rear bolts.
Any ideas on how to move the seat so I can get at those bolts?
Once I have the seat out I can manage the rest but I cannot figure out how to move it.
Surely they designed in some kind of manual over-ride?
Or am I expecting too much from Hondas engineers?

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Just wanted to add to this... I figured out how to move the seat manually even if the motor is broken. The seat motor moves the seat back and forth with worm drives on each side of the seat. The motor is bolted to one side directly and to the other side via a drive cable. This cable can be unscrewed/removed, providing access on each side to a female square drive connection. Use a power driver with a small square drive socket to move the each side of the seat into the position you need.
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