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Ok, read the manual and still get mixed results. Used the "Place Name" for local department store, produced a location in South Carolina (I'm in northeast Florida). On another "Place Name" gave me a location in Tenn. Chose "Place Name" for Mayo Clinic, gave me Minnesota.

Am I missing something, a setting? Do I need to tell the Navi where I'm at or is that the reason for GPS?

Frustrating. Are others having the same issue or is it operator error? Any help is appreciated.

I have another luxury vehicle that is so simple, push a button, talk to a live person, get the directions on my Navi. Acura, we need a like service.

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I'd stop by the dealership, myself. It sounds as if something isn't programmed properly.

However, if you'd like to use the self-diagnostic function, do this:

At the disclaimer screen, press and hold the DEST/ROUTE, the MAP/GUIDE, and the CANCEL buttons for about 3 seconds. The display screen goes directly to the Select Diagnosis Items menu shown.

You'll have two options....the Self-Diagnosis Mode (runs the automatic diagnosis of the navigation system), and the Detail Information & Setting (Can help you to manually diagnose the navigation system)
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