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Why do all neon drivers think they can beat anyone??? wtf. here is my story/question

ohk today I went to my ex's house and her cousin came outside and started talking shit about my car for no reason. The mods he has on his neon are : altezzas, a big ass wing, millions of stickers, and an APC muffler:rolleyes: anyways he was like "yeah your car is a peice of shit, can you run 13's in the 1/4?" I was like "you motherfucker my leather seats cost more than ur car" this went back and forth for about 10 mins and I just wanted to smack his ass. He tells me he wants to race me on saturday and I was like ohk. He says he "tweaked" his transmission:rolleyes: and that I don't know how to drive my car:chainsaw: my question is, what would it take for a POS neon to hang with me. He must have something he's not telling me about since he talks so much shit.

This is like the 5th neon that thinks they can beat me:D they all suck. GOD DAMNIT I HATE NEONS:mad:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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