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Ok so I have read several threads on this site as well as others and I have seen others with similar issues as I am having but I refuse to believe that the transmission is smoked.

I have an '04 TL base AT and the other day I was driving to work rpms spiked to around 5k and quickly dropped back down to around 2 and gave me no other issues on that drive. Let work headed home made a stop at my sisters house and had a hard time getting back out of her driveway but made it. Got down the street and had to stop and couldn't get moving again, seemed like it wanted to at higher rpms but nothing at idle. I got out checked fluid and it was a little dirty but nothing horrific and had enough. I called a friend that is a tech at Acura and he said to turn it off and back on and put it in low and see if it catches. Sure enough did that and worked like nothing was ever wrong. Drove it a few more times and had the same issue with the same remedy.

I fail to agree that the trans is smoked like the Acura techs want to say it is since if I turn it off and back on everything works just fine. It has to be something electrical and not mechanical. If it was mech it would do it all of the time not intermittently. Has anyone had any luck changing out the TCM or anything else short of replacing the trans? I find it incredibly annoying that Honda can build such great vehicles and include such crappy transmissions, I had to replace the trans in my 2000 Accord twice.
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