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I have a 03 rsx base model that won't shift out D gear.

When I press down on my brake pedal it gets very hard and very difficult to press the brake pedal all the down, its not a normal press like when Im driving around.

When I press down the button in the right slot of the the shifter, the shifter will come in and out of gears with no problem.

When I try to start my car it will not start, the brake is still very difficult to press down and in my cluster indicate that my rsx tranny is still D gear, even while I press down the botton on right side*of the shifter & moving the shifter in and out gears But in my cluster still*indicate that the car is still in D gear and that D light blinks once.

Any ideas what could be wrong. My last resort will be to take my rsx to the acura dealership.
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